Wedding October 5, 2013 Easton, MD

  1. Friday 4th

    8pm – 1am
    Drinks @ Washington St. Pub & Oyster Bar
  2. Saturday 5th

    Wedding Ceremony
    5pm – 10pm
  3. Sunday 6th

    11am – 1pm
    Informal Brunch Buffet

Drinks the Evening Before

If you arrive in Easton, MD by Friday, October 4th we would love for you to meet up with us as at:

The second floor balcony will be reserved for our group starting at 8pm. Feel free to come early and enjoy a meal or later just for drinks. This is an informal gathering, and the bar accepts both cash and credit cards.

Ceremony & Reception

The wedding ceremony will begin, promptly, on Saturday at 4:30pm. The ceremony and reception will be held at the home of Steve and Minda Goldberg:

Informal Brunch Buffet

An informal brunch buffet will be served at the home of Steve and Minda Goldberg (the same location as the ceremony) on Sunday morning. Stop by anytime between 11am - 1pm, before you head out of town.

We would appreciate if you would RSVP, regrets only, if you won't be attending the brunch.